Getting Your Motorcycle License - ICBC Road Test

In order to receive a full, unrestricted motorcycle license, you will have to ride an ICBC Road Test. VISC cannot perform road tests - only ICBC can administer road tests.

There are two classifications of Motorcycle licenses in BC:

Class 6 Motorcycle License

The Class 6 road test is your final test before you get your Class 6 (full privilege) motorcycle driver's licence.

You can take the Class 6 road test:

After successfully completing the Motorcycle Skills Test (MSA)

Have had your 6L for at least 30 days

The earliest date you can take the test is marked on your licence.

Class 8 Motorcycle License

The Class 8 road test is for learning motorcycle riders who don't have a B.C. driver's licence, or are in the "L" or "N" stage of graduated licensing for passenger vehicles.

You take the Class 8 road test:

After successfully completing the Motorcycle Skills Test (MSA)

Holding a valid Class 8L motorcycle learner's licence for at least 12 months.

The earliest date you can take the test is marked on your licence.

For more information on Motorcycle Licenses, please visit

Motorcycle and License Restrictions

You can use a scooter or motorcycle of any size over 50cc however your driver's licence will be restricted (if any) to the type of vehicle you use for the road test. For example, if you use a scooter, your licence will be restricted for driving scooters.

If you use a motorcycle 200cc or less, then you'll be restricted from carrying passengers. If you use a three-wheel vehicle, you'll be restricted to only driving three-wheel motorcycles. If you have no other driver's licence and take your road test on a limited- speed motorcycle, you'll be restricted to limited-speed motorcycles only.

Booking an ICBC Road Test

If you meet the criteria listed above, then you can book an ICBC road test. There are two ways to book a road test:

1. VISC Traffic Course Graduates - VISC has reserved road test slots with ICBC for our students. Simply call the VISC Office and we can book you a time to take your road test. Traffic course graduates my also use one of our traffic bikes to ride their ICBC road test free of charge!

2. Visit ICBC's web site and book your own road test online.
ICBC road test Booking

ICBC Road Test Locations

Victoria area ICBC Road Tests are conducted from the ICBC Drivers Services Office
located at 1- 1150 McKenzie Ave.

Please arrive at ICBC at least 15 minutes prior to your road test and check in. ICBC also charges a fee for each road test.

For more information on ICBC Road Tests and licensing, please visit


We suggest that all students review the following ICBC handbooks for motorcyclists.These handbooks are available at ICBC Drivers Licensing Offices or click below to view or download them online.

Learn to Ride Smart
Assists students with passing their motorcycle licence knowledge test, MSA skills test, and road test.Download - 63 Mb pdf


Tuning up for Riders
Helps students prepare for passing their motorcycle road test.
Download - 20 Mb pdf