Steps To Getting Your Motorcycle License

The questions is often asked, "what are the steps I need to take to get a motorcycle license?"

STEP 1 - Get a Learners License

Your first step is to go to an ICBC Driver Licensing Office and take a written knowledge test to receive a motorcycle learners license. You will need a valid learners license in order to take our Novice and Traffic courses.

Learners License Information

STEP 2 - Take a Rider Education Course(s)

Although not mandatory, it is well recommended that you take some form of rider training program. VISC offers both Novice and Traffic Skills courses to fully prepare you for the world of motorcycling as well as giving you the skills to successfully complete all ICBC motorcycle licensing requirements. VISC is the largest ICBC licensed and certified rider training school on Vancouver Island.

VISC Course information


STEP 3 - ICBC Motorcycle Skills Assessment (MSA)

New riders are required to perform the Motorcycle Skills Assessment, also known that the 'parking lot test'. The Motorcycle Skills Assessment (MSA) is the first practical test required to qualify for a Class 6 or 8 motorcycle operator's licence. Successfully completing it allows for certain restrictions to be removed from your learners license.

VISC is one of only two schools on the island to be able to administer the MSA as part of our Novice Skills Course. Students complete the MSA on the



STEP 4 - ICBC Road Test

Your final step to getting a motorcycle license is to take the ICBC Class 6/8 Road Test. All road tests are administered by ICBC.

ICBC Road Test information


Things to remember:

Some licensing restrictions will apply - check with ICBC

By taking the VISC Novice Skills Course the date in which you can take the MSA is waived (no waiting period)

Do not book an ICBC road test prior to the road test date listed on your learner license

VISC Traffic Skills Course graduates can use a VISC motorcycle to use for their ICBC Road Test (no charge)

For more information on motorcycle licensing, please visit ICBC's web site.