Getting Your Motorcycle Learners License

In order to participate in our Novice Skills Course, students must obtain and posses a valid Class 6L or 8L Learners License. In order to receive a Learners License, students must pass the ICBC Knowledge Test at an ICBC Driver Licensing Office.

If you already have a valid Class 6 or 8 license, you do not need to obtain a learners license.

ICBC Knowledge Test

You'll answer multiple-choice questions on a touch screen kiosk at a driver licensing office. It takes about 30 minutes to complete. The test is available in English and several other languages.

Even experienced drivers and riders should study for the knowledge test as it's harder than you might expect. The Learn to Ride Smart guide will help you to prepare. The test questions are based on this guide. You don't need an appointment. We suggest you come as early as you can so you have enough time to take the test. The offices can be busy at the end of the day and sometimes ICBC are not able to accommodate all the knowledge test requests, so don't leave it to the last minute!

The ICBC Knowledge Test costs $15 for each attempt. One attempt per day.

Learners License Restrictions

One you pass the ICBC Knowledge Test and meet all other licensing requirements, you will receive a yellow paper license with the following restrictions:

When you ride, you must be within sight of a qualified supervisor. Your supervisor must be at least 19 years old (if you hold a Class 8L your supervisor must be at least 25 years old) and must hold a valid Class 6 full-privilege licence.

Your speed must not exceed 60 km/h

No passengers

You may ride only during daylight hours - that is, between sunrise and sunset

Riders with an 8L licence must display an L sign

For more information on motorcycle licensing, please visit ICBC's web site.


Practice Knowledge Test

Practice Signs Test

We suggest that all students review the following ICBC handbooks for motorcyclists.These handbooks are available at ICBC Drivers Licensing Offices or click below to view or download them online.

Learn to Ride Smart
Assists students with passing their motorcycle licence knowledge test, MSA skills test, and road test.Download - 63 Mb pdf


Tuning up for Riders
Helps students prepare for passing their motorcycle road test.
Download - 20 Mb pdf